Juli 2015

Crkvena opština Koprivna dodjelila Priznanje HO Srcem za Modriču

Juli 27, 2015 // 0 Comments

Na radnom sastanku u Modriči, 27.07.2015. godine Crkvena opština Koprivna dodijelila je Priznanje HO Srcem za Modriču za njen humanitarni rad. Priznanje je uručio sveštenik Jadranko Stojanović. Tim povodom, a za ovaj kraći osvrt, predsjednik HO Srcem za Modriču, Dragan Sjeničić Pipi je izjavio: “Mnogo hvala [ ...Vidi više ]

HO SZM: Dobar glas se daleko čuje

Juli 23, 2015 // 1 Comment

Sveštenik Jadranko Stojanović i Milica Jeftić “Dobar glas se daleko čuje”, kaže narodna izreka, a mislimo da se može primjeniti i u našem slučaju. Ocjena našeg jednogodišnjeg rada koji smo nedavno prezentovali, naišla je na potvrdu i pohvale, kako među našim članovima i prijateljima, tako i u široj [ ...Vidi više ]

Their contracts state they are not to be in the same shooting

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high quality designer replica Yup, I honestly have no idea why anyone would buy a house with a HOA. My dad was recently working for a couple who had just had a child in a HOA who were forced to install a new fence because their old wooden one was ugly. One of the top guys in the HOA told the client that he could make the new [ ...Vidi više ]

The broadcaster was accused of racism when he posted a black

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He was close to going for the guy

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To the south, a major windstorm is gathering steam

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storm to deliver blizzard conditions and strong winds through Thursday A blockbuster storm is on the way for the nation's canada goose london uk midsection Wednesday and Thursday. Depending on location, it will generate blinding snow, heavy rain and storms, powerful winds, or a combination. Blizzard warnings have been hoisted [ ...Vidi više ]

USPJELI SMO: Todorovići dobili kupatilo

Juli 16, 2015 // 0 Comments

Kad kažemo “uspjeli smo”, mislimo na sve one dobre ljude koji su sa nama učestvovali u humanitarnoj akciji pomoći porodici Todorović Mioljke iz Koprivne. Ta akcija je uspješno okončana i konačno i Todorovići imaju kupatilo i time, makar donekle uslovniji život. Poštovani čitaoci, ako slučajem niste od [ ...Vidi više ]

Have enough copies to E3 King B, or enough feather to E3 Valk

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Canada Goose Jackets The other guy kind of said it in a douchey way, no offense if you read this, but I imagine it's for a couple of reasons. 1. A statement that, if an Omnipotent, and self admittedly all loving still in this scenario, God really existed and revealed himself to you as unquestionably real, your response would be [ ...Vidi više ]

Chanel helped to save couture from extinction

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The one swinging walk thru panel is built with a child proof

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Canada Goose sale In May 1915, Frederick received a telegram notifying him that his brother, James, a purser on the Lusitania, was lost at sea with the sinking of his ship on 7 May. McCubbin, received a telegram on the same day, that informed him that his son, Hugh, was wounded at Gallipoli. These two items of bad news affected [ ...Vidi više ]
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